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Sites & Sounds, as the name suggest, is here to give you the space in your life to enjoy the beauty of Universe. We take you to the places that are divine. We are always stands for the customer and their travel requirements, and we aim to develop more than business – Customer relationship to a companion for our friends (Customers) in their travel needs

Sites & Sounds, Tours & Events are in the line of operations since 2013, head office located in Chennai. We conduct tailor made travel packages for our clients and our customer segment includes individual families, groups, honeymoon couples, government organizations, corporate, colleges and schools.

Have a very good tie ups with all categories of hotels and transporters all over the country, we books them according to the budget and preference of the customers. We could help you to travel any place in the world. The top international destinations where we provide travel services are countries in Europe like the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Austria, Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Srilanka, and Maldives and other locations in Africa, America and Australia. You could choose to commence your overseas holidays from any starting point leading to any place in the world in utmost comfort and leisure.


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International Package
1-weak Rs.24,000
Domestic Package
1-weak Rs.12,000
Honeymoon Package
2-Days Rs.6000